Overwatch World Cup

Obviously we’re doing the dress rehearsal today for Overwatch World Cup. For the first couple of matches we’re going to be doing a lot of testing of match pausing and resuming as we try and troubleshoot specific cases that we think we’re going to run into during World Cup. Alright, a lot to do today. Let’s make a great game. We love these esports community and I think that this is kind of the first time that I feel like we really have had a chance to give to the community the kind of esports experience that we wanted to give. Esports is where some of our most passionate and most engaged players are. That community helps us make really informed decisions about changes that we need to make to the game. Whether they’re from a future stand point or from a balance perspective. Esports was always kind of the other side of the coin. There is also a huge community out there that just enjoys watching awesome esports action. We try to view it not just as developers but as spectators. It just builds excitement around the office. You can find even more exitement here: https://uscasinosguide.com/best-casino-bonuses/

It’s fun coming in on Mondays you know, going like “Did you watch all the games during this weekend?” It’s just fun. It’s a fun thing to be part of. I like it, let’s get this on. Our game is fast paced, is… Everything is flashing on the screen, everyone wants your attention. So one of our main tasks this time around was to figure out how to make that better. One of the features that we added was team uniforms. My favorite feature is the team uniform system. The ability to dynamically change the colors within the editor. We took the effects of the game and team colored them, so they match the team uniforms. Everything from the heroes’ skills to the UI and everything in between has been customized per team. As a viewer you are like “In the kill feed I saw D.Va kill 5 people”, I wish I could have seen that. So instant replay really allows us to go back to this moment in time and curate that moment.

And let us look at it from a couple of different angles. Instant replay allows the observers to go back in time and re-watch an event. Observer can load up the instant replay for that and watch it from any different angle the want. They can watch it in slow-mo. We can just load up that moment in an instant replay and show it off again. We would need a solution to be able to watch heroes like Tracer or Genji. One of the ways we did that is by doing the third person smart camera. With the smart camera you can focus on what’s going on in the action. Essentially where the heat of the shot will be. I think the top-down map for observers and for casters is going to be particularly important and is a tool, actually THE tool, that I wanted most as an analyst when I cast the game.