Odorgate : World Series Of Poker Edition

The table was the stench, so something must be done. Stinky sits down on my left again with every walk by and every sit down. The stench intensifies the floor concluded that it was the hoodie he was wearing that still stinks, so they made him, remove the hoodie and put it in his backpack you’re a nice enough guy, but it stinks.

I mean it’s an awkward situation, look man, you talked about it, don’t talk about it! More talk to the floor. I don’t have time. I probably think it was that Jack a little bit spell them. I didn’t smelling it.

You will the whole time. You clearly don’t care about anybody at the table having winning situations. Check this guide of online casino banking methodsused in Canada deposit methods. Oct come out, he doesn’t want to play. He doesn’t care about anybody at the table. He said it, it’s not exactly right.

I heard what he says. I didn’t. I said why don’t you yeah yeah, I didn’t say that I said why don’t you and us will be new people. If you went to this point yeah, you can stop in right.

It’S incredible, it’ll be good. If you usually, you can smell, the whole table can smell. We should just vote them off. It’S the only way to get rid of the best thing is you can smell it? Maybe you can yeah he’s on a one-round penalty.

Maybe he can take a shower and it’s next a crown penalty like you, clearly lied about taking a shower. When I asked him me just pause and it’s like yeah, I went to the spa here. You can check the tapes.

Oh yeah in the same clothes table change another another shower and another new shirt and pants underwear. Listen! Listen after this guys!

Let’S not talk about it anymore, shower slathered! In deodorant a new shirt he’s coming back to the table. Let’S quit it where’s the shower ha right there. Oh, what are you legibly already went to ok, it’s over, at least at least the odors half gone because of the dinner break right. No, it’s the same.

Nothing’S changed. She didn’t shower, he’s wearing the same clothes. Well, III can smell it; the whole table smells new shirt shower and all that – and I I witnessed a lather all that look – the owner is not gon na solve the problem. He admitted he hasn’t.

Showered in three days was proud of him. How can you let these creepers play just qualify him giving his money back, do something weird we paid enough rake for his entry alone. I I know the story. I know it’s funny. I know it’s awkward, but it’s not good good.

The masseuse behind his seat at the other poker table he looks back and gives me the flared nostril look. She can still smell him from his backpack, which contains the mysterious hoodie that just covered in his stench. She reaches into her pouch and offers me a vial of tea tree oil. I say thank you sniff it pour it on his chair and pass it around the table all the way around. She encourages us to put it under our nose like a smelling salt, so he can’t smell the stench. Even though he’s not there, it’s still there I’m trying to focus I’m trying to play my a game.

I’M not trying to tell and worry about this shit, but here we are 10 20 minutes go by. He comes back. The floor tells him he still has 5 more hands before he can sit back in right in the middle, so you got 5 more we’re in the same pants. Stink is in the pants.

I don’t know how he showered and changed clothes in this time he’s wearing the same jeans. He’S got some adidas polo golf shirt on. I don’t know where that came from, but as he walks by, he still reaps like a skunk, a skunk. You know what a skunk smells like yeah, that’s, what’s up, so I’m trying to stay composed the whole tables in agreement that he’s stinks and they’ve had to deal with it for the last six hours seat, four isn’t even close to him.

He says he’s a Somali aid he’s used to sniffing exotic wines all day. He has a very sensitive nose and it’s affecting him. This is a big problem. You know you can make light of this, but in the end of the day I still have to sit next to this guy.

The floors offered me such solutions as oh he’s, gon na, buy soon yeah. Well, guess what he’s still in? He still got chips.

The tension at the table is palpable when he finally came back from his penalty. No one said a word just tension, so here we are with two hours left in the day and we’re gon na make the best of it to a bag and tag. And hopefully you know just stay on our a-game and try to breathe to our right, because all the stinks coming from the left. This is not stinky.

I wouldn’t be sitting this close to them on my 20 minutes of freedom, but I hope you guys can understand – and I hope I am – the white Rosa Parks of dealing with body odor in poker tournaments, take a stand when Stinky’s at your table see you guys In two hours, with blinds at 300, 600 open middle positions with king queen of clubs stinky I’m I love flat calls and the big blind calls. The flop comes six deuce, deuce, rainbow checks to me. I bet 1800 stinky calls turn is a beautiful one, a queen. This point I’m putting him on 6x or a mid pair, possibly ace high, so I want to set it up for a turn in river jam, so I bet 3300 on the turn.

Yes, exactly ten thousand behind, he puts in the call the rivers one of the worst cards in the deck, the ace of spades, bringing the backdoor spades. Although I don’t think that’s too likely. An ace high floats also not very likely, still put him on a mid pair.

It’S high patented after calling the turn, but I don’t see much value in shoving anymore, so I check he shoves. I go in the tank and put in the call he shows ace Queen of Hearts and we double Mon with blinds at four hundred eight hundred we have twenty six thousand action folds to the hijack, who opens for 1800 cut-off calls, and then we have Queen Jack Off on the button, my gut says to just three bet: fold: this hint, we block East Queen pocket, jacks pocket queens King Queen stuff, like that, but we’re gon na go the low variance route and put in the call small blind, folds and the big blind calls Flop comes Jack, eight five rainbow good flop for our hand. Two checks original caller bets 2,200 a good raise, but I think that’s over upping our hand, so we just put in the call on the button in position other two players fold. The turn is a nine, so six seven gets there small possibility a few two pair combos and Queen ten get there. He now bets 4500. Of course, we have top pair with the nut straight draw gut ball gutter.

I think it’s pretty close about. We put in the call, let’s see what happens on the river, the rivers an off suit three. He has about 30,000 behind and he bets 8,000 sure looks like a value bet and I can’t think of it really any hands that he’s bluffing with king queen Jack. Ten then value. What do we beat here? Not too much not too much and I put in the fold.

I asked to see one and he just flips up the top one and it’s a nine of spades. So I think it’s very likely. He had a hand like pocket, nines or Jack nine suited, and we made a good fold on the river we play for another 40 minutes and fold every hand. I love tan handed poker and we bag up 14300 chips, not the desired result, but we did survive today.

Pretty frustrating day is pretty irate with the whole stinky situation. The grand simulator just loves, love strolling me. I swear these things cannot be coincidence. Of course, I double up the stinky guy, that’s poker, and it makes me really like this game less and less the more I play it. The skill edge is narrowing. Is that a word getting more narrow, which just makes the rage more of a factor?

So it just makes it more luck, based if everyone is near the same skill edge and no one’s making huge mistakes, variance is high, a break is high. Spirits are low, we’re coming back Monday at 11 o’clock for day 2 with 14 blinds. I know what to do with that.

We can definitely build that up and start fresh. So let’s keep a positive attitude crush online tomorrow, big Sunday and come back strong on Monday, never give up comfortably.