Counter Strike And Esports

Rocket really wants another kick of the shield. I don’t think that’s gonna keep you alive for very… – Santa Monica. I’ve been on that freeway. – This is California? (commentators shouting) – This is a game that kids watch now? (crowd cheering and chanting) – I like the visuals. – Looks pretty cool. It seems like an event, a sporting event, but not sports. (movie reel clicks) – (FBE) So any idea what we had you watching there? – No, I thought at first it looked like a baseball game. – It sure looked like a new artist that’s on the rise. – Advertisement of the tournament? – Looked kinda like the preview to guys going to a gaming contest. – (FBE) Well, this was actually a promo for competitive video gaming, also known as eSports. – Oh, okay. – (FBE) So had you ever heard of this before? – No. I don’t do anything with sports. – I heard of it, and I seen the clips of it on a documentary. – (FBE) Now we’re actually gonna show you some footage from one of these eSports tournaments. –

Okay. – (commentator) In the midlane, [inaudible] not gonna be able to… – You need some good eyeglasses to see what’s going on. – I can’t tell what’s going on, really. It’s kinda confusing. – There’s announcing as you’re playing the game. – It’s like watching a football game. – (commentator) …the G2 hero! – Everyone seems very happy. That must be the winner there. (cheers and applause) – Yeah. They got a trophy. How cute. Take that sucker to the pawn shop and get some money. – (FBE) eSports has actually been around since the ’70s and ’80s. – You’re kidding. – I don’t know anyone who has ever mentioned that. – (FBE) So were you aware that these tournaments existed back then? – No. – Not that long ago, no. – No, not really. – No, I had no idea.

I can see it recently. It would make perfect sense now that we’re so locked into our devices. – Yes, ’cause I have children and grandchildren who went through that. We played the original Atari games. – (FBE) Well, more recently, eSports has become a huge deal. And there are major tournaments for types of games, ranging from racing games to strategy games. So now we’re gonna run down a list of some of the biggest eSports games to see if you’ve heard of some of them. – Oh boy. (chuckling) – (FBE) League of Legends. – League of Legends, I’ve heard of that, but I can’t tell you anything about it. – Yeah, I heard of that one. Was this on there? (chuckling) – Never heard of it. – Haven’t heard of it. – No. Could be about the older, like for example, the Gladiator. – (FBE) So what about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? – Never heard of it. – That sounds like some apocalypse, but I haven’t. – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.