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Everything You Should Know About Roulette

Roulette Tables: American and New Zealand online casinos in 2019 use two different types of tables: the standard table and the double-end table. Standard tables have the wheel placed at one end, whereas double-end tables have two betting layouts with the wheel situated between them in the center. They include a multi-colored design with specific number sequences and rectangular spaces for placing bets.

Roulette Balls: The balls used in Roulette are generally made from synthetic plastic or ivory. Average size is half an inch to three-quarter an inch in diameter.

Chips: Standard roulette tables use 5, 6 or 7 sets of chips with one set for each player. The sets are colored differently and consist of 300 chips.

Roulette Wheels: The American and French wheels are the two different Roulette wheel styles used today. The American wheel contains the 0 and 00 options in addition to 36 numbers. The French, or what is commonly called the European wheel, also has 36 numbers with the exception of the double 00. The difference between the two affects the probability of the outcome. The wheel itself is movable and spun manually by the croupier.

The origin of Roulette remains unclear. One theory attributes the creation of Roulette to Blaise Pascal, a 17th Century French mathematician, while others claim that the game was invented in China and brought to Europe by Dominican monks. In any case, the term ‘Roulette’ comes from the French word meaning ‘small wheel’.

Roulette History

The modern version of Roulette was created by Francois and Louis Blanc, two Frenchmen who invented the single ‘0’ Roulette game in 1842. In America, the single ‘0’ game was rejected and replaced with the ’00’ game, which gained immense popularity during the California Gold Rush. As a result, the two different wheels have been called the American Wheel and the French Wheel and can still be found today in casinos around the world.

An Action Gambler’s Predicament

Profiling an action gambler is easy. This kind of gambler is also called as compulsive gamblers with the following characteristics: manipulative, domineering, controlling with a big ego. They possess an IQ of over 120. They are usually energetic and gregarious. They are also assertive, friendly, sociable and widely generous. However, they are persons with low self esteem. Based from their history, they learn to gamble and indulge in such activity in their early teens. They start gambling through smaller bets beginning from sporting bets or simply from card games with relative and friends. As they grow, their gambling habits notoriously transform into problem gambling.

Action gamblers go for the games that require skills such as card games, poker and dice games. Horse racing, dog racing and sport betting becomes their favorite too.

They even go after illegal betting with too much confidence they can dominate the game and thought of them selves as professional gamblers. The often times believe they can manipulate to create a system that could make them into the lead of the game.

What started as a simple gambling activity turns into an uncontrollable gambling behavior where they often find themselves becoming gambling slaves. At the beginning of their gambling activities, they are in control of their gambling habits but as they go on gambling, the table turns against them and the gambling has taken control over their behavior. Their gambling hobby turns into addiction.

Most action gamblers deny their problematic gambling attitude and continue in the denial phase where they insist everything is normal.

This is what makes diagnosing action gamblers difficult because they act as if nothing is wrong with them. Convincing them to confront and admit there is something wrong with their gambling attitude is futile. This type of gambler will not listen and will continue to gamble despite many loses and beginning to sink into deeper financial catastrophic situation.

Just like substance abuse addiction, any attempt to withdraw from gambling activity afflicts him with intense depression.

No other things can soothe the depression but gambling itself. The person has become addicted not to the money they might win but they are addicted to the act of gambling. Being able to control the game and winning gives them euphoric feeling of gratification. Despite many loses, they would resort to credit and loans from other sources just to keep their gambling activities going. They would end up losing precious things that matter in their life: family, properties, employment and social life. They are at their ends wits and complete desperation. When all hopes are gone, the situation leads to suicidal actions that brings catastrophic ending to an action gambler’s predicaments.

All efforts therefore must be exhausted to identify the presence of this abnormal behavior.

Close relatives and immediate family should be alert and observant about the gambling attitudes of their loved ones. The predicaments an action gambler will go through are so difficult that early detection is essential.

The Lucky Ones In Gambling Are Happy People

Almost everyone in the gambling industry holds a card close to their hearts they consider lucky. This card or a rabbit’s foot gives them the feeling of good luck for the day and night, rain or shine.

Gambling is taking a risk to win.

Players pray that luck will be with them as they place their bets. There is nothing wrong in believing that luck strikes at a time when we least expect it. However leaving everything to chance is a wrong choice. There is no expression of trusting oneself where in one should instead have the confidence to do decision that are well within one’s capacity. The fear to decide on a number or numbers , for example in the game of roulette, leaves you out of the game.

The timid gambler losses out on time.

Every turn on the roulette wheel means money. However, you cannot be rushed to do a decision right away. You are free to decide when to bet and when not to bet. It is the final judgment that comes into the picture. He takes his time and assesses the situation. He takes hold of himself not to bet on impulses. He is certain that such moves often lead to losses. He increases his odds in taking a chance to forego winnings.

The lucky gambler rationalizes all his moves.

He takes the task of studying all what it takes to improve his plays. There is no one sure system to guarantee sure wins. Improving one’s plays to be lucky needs a diligent search of techniques and methods. He compares situations in his past gaming experiences and puts these comparisons into good use for analysis.

The lucky gambler is not afraid of losses.

Indeed, he considers this as part of the game. He knows that he can only afford to lose only up to a certain budget and that there will be better times to recover a few of his losses, if not all. What is important is knows when to stop gambling. He has set his limitations of capabilities to control any aggressiveness. He is lucky because he is a disciplined man whose principles in gambling are well grounded.

The lucky gambler is lucky, not only in the sense of winning, but lucky in the sense that he is a cautious, wise and a learned individual. He shows signs of humility and optimism and confidence to show self-control. He is everything a good player exemplifies. His inquisitiveness to gamble calls back on his eagerness to analyze data, opinions, critiques, reviews and to discussions of the pros and cons of a game.

Overall these characteristics of a player makes him a contender to be a LUCKY game holder in every sense.

The Perks in an Online Casino

Are you in the verge of looking for a great online casino that offers great bonus points? A lot of research is what you need in order for to find and avail the best bonuses in an online casino. There are so many online casinos that are available in the internet nowadays that is why a good research is very important.

A player can search about the bonus codes in an online casino thru the internet since there are a lot of directories that show this type of information. One can also find which bonuses are open for players in the US. They also give brief information about what is the use of a specific bonus and how one can avail it thru the online casino. There are even some online casinos paysafecard who offer great bonus by just signing up online.

There are even casinos that are open to US players that still welcome players and make their deposit and open account with them even if a specific player resides in Canada.

Before a player consider on signing up on a specific online casino, one should analyze first how much money one will get in to one’s account if ever that the said player will be taking advantage of the bonus codes in a casino. They could also check how much money again one will get if ever they will use the bonus codes for US players.

Do not forget that a player should also consider if a specific online casino offers free games and a wide array of games for their customers. One should also check one’s security in an online casino by checking the credibility and license of a specific online casino. We are just trying to avoid any future problems that one might encounter in an online casino.

A player should verify and check first the reviews about the online casinos and should also check the types of promotions that they are offering before one decides which online casino to play.

Take advantage of how much money you may get by signing up in a specific online casino that is why it is very important for a player to make a research first.

The bonuses and promotions that an online casino offers may be little perks but they do help a lot for an online player. All one needs is a little time to make research about which is the best and to which online casino one will get more benefits.

A Prepared Novice Casino Player

Casino gambling could be fun. But there is no sure way of winning all the time. Your valuable money should be used with proper and educated betting. A novice player who is interested to play casino games should play for their money’s worth. A lucky casino player who immediately jump into the betting arena of casino games definitely end up losing because they are not equipped with the knowledge of the games they are playing. In short they did not come prepared for the battle in casino games.

It is true that you need a stroke of luck when you gamble. But luck is not the sole determinant to win. Education, practice and skill are also factors needed for a novice to play a good game. As there is no standard assurance of winning, a novice player can at least exert confidence with his game with the skill of playing his cards right to his advantage. While house advantage is constant, a novice player who knows and understand how the system of the game works can manipulate the outcome of his game through an educated decision while playing.

It is advised that a novice player, prior with his first experience with casino games should educate himself of a particular game he is interested to play.

After all, whether he is playing just for fun he is betting real, hard earned money with his game. A good start will be reading books. Familiarization of the rules and how the game is played is the initial step. Software is available in the market for tutorial and hands-on practice with particular casino games. This should be a good start. While reading is good, hands-on and actual experience is essential. There is no better way to do this than playing with the computer. You are playing against an actual player which is the computer with no real money involved.

Learning about the procedures and protocol of the game is also important. Watching how the game is actually played can give you tips and strategy how bets are made. A novice player can reinforce his knowledge through watching how casino players play either actual or on videos. Practicing your skills will definitely make you competent to play against long time casino players.

Of course there is the money management factor to consider. Novice players are very eager to win but should learn how to assess the odds of their game. This is to safeguard their bank roll from a play that is sure to emerge from a wasted game. The novice player should master the art of discipline, knowing when to stop and when to exhaust his gambling budget. With these points to consider, a novice casino gambler will do fine with his initial visits and gaming experience in the casino. It will save him from frustrating and disastrous games that emerge from a decision to play without being prepared.